Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes...

Do you know the show "Kids say the darnedest things"? That is a true statement if there ever were one. My boys are totally adorable. This post though, is about my Non-D 5 year old, Jackson. Now, let me preface this post with the fact that Jackson is "all boy". He loves to play rough, race his cars, and run around like crazy. All in all, he is such a sweet little guy, and I was reminded of that last night.

We were getting ready for bed, and Jackson had a dreaded case of the hiccups. Shannon and I tried getting him to take deep breaths, and take sips of water, but nothing was working. Suddenly Shannon gave him a "boo" and it startled him, but the hiccups were still there. He asked why she did that and Shannon told him that sometimes a little scare would frighten the hiccups away.

Now the cute part. My very smart 5 year old sat there and thought for a second. Then he turned around, waited for me to look at him, and then shouted "boo" at me. I looked at him funny, and he responded "Daddy I thought I could scare yours and Joshua's Diabetes away." All I could do was smile. He may be a typical five year old in a lot of ways, but in my eyes, he is exceptional!