Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fishing with the boys!

I had a great day today.  We have my Sister-in-law's wedding next month, and my wife and Mother-in-law used today to find THE Mother of the bride dress.  Anyway, I decided not to let being "Shannon-less" scare us into staying in the house.  The boys and I went to church, and actually made it only 5 minutes late.  We came home, got our naps in (I wish I had gotten one), and then got ready for our afternoon outing.

Jackson has been wanting to go fishing forever.  I finally downloaded an app for my Ipod touch, and he goes fishing on that whenever I let him.  To encourage this more, my parents got him a starter fishing rod set for his birthday in March.  I have been promising to take him ever since.  There was never a good time.  Busy life, bad weather, or random laziness always seemed to get in the way.  Dagone it, we were going today!

I decided to take the stroller with us so that Joshua couldn't wander off, plus it was a good base where he could feed the geese.  We got to the park, got Jackson's rod all set up, and the impatience began.  Jackson couldn't understand why he didn't catch a fish every time he threw it in.  He always did on the Ipod :)  I let him tinker away, while I got Joshua ready to feed the geese.  I had taken some old hamburger buns with us, so I ripped them up and put pieces in his stroller tray.  I threw a couple out so that the geese would come over, and he was having a ball.  Then of course I look up and Joshua is eating the "enriched flour", white bread, hamburger buns himself.  In any other situation, with any other child, that would be cute.  Not so much.  Luckily he had only put the one piece in, and he spit it out when I ran over to him.  He gave me this look like, "What, it was just a little piece.  Geez Dad!"  

Long story short, we had a great boys day out.  Jackson caught his first fish right before we left.  Joshua had a great time feeding and yelling at the geese.  Shannon had a great day out with her Mom, and I didn't have a coronary caused by "enriched flour", white bread, hamburger buns.  Lets call it a win, shall we?


  1. Jackson did have blast today for sure!! I am glad you all had a good time.. I of course wish there were more pictures but proud you remembered at all :) I love you

  2. Oh, THAT dress is SUPER important ;)
    I am glad you didn't let her absence keep you in.

    Tell Jackson that is ONE COOL FISH!

  3. Woot Woot for you, Jackson, Joshua, and Shannon. Sounds like it was a winner of a day...even with the un-counted stale, nastey, white flour hamburger bun bite. :)

  4. Great job Brian, on so many counts. Jackson looks so cute fishing for real for the first time and I know Joshua had a ball too. I'm sure there will be many more trips just let me know when you want to borrow the camper.