Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tired of lows!?!?

Why is there no middle ground?  Does it have to be black or white, right or wrong, sweet or sour?  High or low!  That is the problem.  Joshua is either soaring up in the 300's or plummeting overnight.  He did it again last night, and we were out of bananas.  That may not seem like that big of a deal, but trust me, it is.  This kid will eat a banana in his sleep.  He won't take juice or milk overnight, it's not worth his time.  Let me tell you though, he will sit there, keep his eyes closed, and take some banana!  When we have bananas that is.  I don't know if any of you know this, but diabetes sucks! :)  As for me, it's been crazy too.  I have added a little bit of increased exercise lately, and my numbers are in the basement.  I was in the 40's three different times yesterday.  I haven't changed my eating habits.  All I did was start playing Just Dance on the Wii a little bit.  Really?  Just when I think I might be getting a handle on things, it swings the other way.  There is no getting a handle on diabetes.  There is only tolerating and troubleshooting it!  Arrrgh!


  1. Babe I know how scarey it is for you and frustrating!! Im sorry you are hitting the lows so much... I also know you dont have the support from your team of docs that we have from Joshuas... I LOVE YOU it is good to see you blogging again

  2. Oh you are so right Diabetes does suck, big time. Does it help if you kept a couple of jars of Baby banannas in the pantry? I know I lived on them in College just for those times when the frest stuff is gone? Don't know if they have the same carb count, but just an idea. Love you and you guys are doing a great job against a horrible, terrible, awlful, unfair disease. big hugs

  3. "I don't know if any of you know this..." - made me laugh.

    So sorry for the roller coaster. And how impressive he can eat bananas in his sleep!

    I hope the dips and valleys level out every now and again for you to maintain some sanity.

  4. UGH...I hope he "sugars out"...it is such a roller coaster ride, this disease.

    I need to try out this "dance" game on the Wii...seems like a lot of people got it over the holidays.


    It's wreaking havoc over here too :(

    I think this is one of the main differences between adults with D and kids with D...kids NEVER STOP! UP or DOWN. Pick your poison. In between? Nada.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Just Dance is so much fun it is so worth the extra effort to play! I've been through the roller coaster rides too many times to count...fortunately, they smooth out sooner or later!

    I found you through Joannes blog. The comment you made about Doug made me smile. :) Look forward to getting to know you!