Thursday, May 31, 2012

The joy of screaming!

Screaming is not a fun experience for parents. Babies come out screaming and we spend the next few months doing whatever we can to get them to stop. Screaming children are the bain of most parents existence. Right after his diagnosis at 11 months old, screaming took on a whole new meaning. Sometimes I loved screaming. Like on the days when we had slept through his 3 am check, only too wake up to him screaming. I loved those screams because it meant that my child was still breathing. It meant that I hadn't missed a fatal low in the middle of the night. It meant that even though I had failed in my duty to monitor his diabetes, I had another day to get it right. In that case, I loved the sound of screaming.
Along the same lines, we quickly discovered that screaming was not just screaming with Joshua. If there wasn't a good reason for the screaming, it usually meant that he was high. He wasn't old enough to tell us that he was feeling bad, so he screamed.  Sure, there was the occasional time where he would be screaming to scream, but we always tested. I would say that 85% of the time, he was high if he was screaming for no reason. So, I was never that parent who complained about listening to my child cry. That joyful noise saved my hide on more than one occasion. 

This post was written several years ago. I am trying to rediscover blogging. I couldn't just leave it sitting there with the big old "draft" next toIit. Crazy to think about how much has changed since I wrote this!

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