Thursday, June 7, 2012

And the crowd goes wild!

So we went to the park the other day for some family fresh air. Jackson, our 6 year old non-D child is playing in his first baseball league right now, so we took his equipment to practice. I was all excited because my best friend, who is a baseball umpire, and his wife were visiting. I thought he could help me show Jax some pointers. We threw the ball around for a few minutes and hit a few balls with his bat. Then distraction set in and he was off for a nature walk with mom. I started to pack things up when Joshua, the 3 year old type 1 said "I want to bat". I thought 'oh how cute' and threw the ball to my friend. I went to show Joshua how to stand and hold the bat, but he was already in the right stance. Must have been listening when I was showing his brother. Cool. My buddy throws the first ball and Joshua nails it over his head.

Whoa! Nice hit, I thought it would take 10 minutes to get his first hit. His older brother is getting better, but has a hard time keeping his eye on the ball. Joshua hit the first 7 in a row. All in all, he hit 20 out of 25 pitches. Now I am not comparing, but that is crazy good for a 3 year old. My friend said that I needed to get him on a team ASAP. In our area, they start at 4. Now, I can get to the worrisome part. If I had to guess, I would tell you that my 6 year old is going to be a performer, and the 3 year old is going to be my athlete. I know how hard diabetes management is now, what if he becomes a hard core athlete? Everything changes. Basals decrease, more carbs are needed, and more chance for dangerous lows. I know that pride will be a big part, but so will fear. Can you say "terrified"?

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  1. Way to go Joshua, and yep I can believe terrified, I'm right there with you.