Thursday, May 17, 2012

D-blog day 4 post - My miracle device

My miracle device It would be normal for a diabetic, or parent of a diabetic to want the invention of a new device for the treatment of diabetes. They would want a constant glucose monitor that would seamlessly communicate with an insulin pump in real time. They would want that CGM to be accurate to within +\- 5 points (I'm reasonable, right). This glorious unit would be the size of a small bandaid, so that it would not cause undo attention. The sensors involved would only need to be replaced every six months, but would not be susceptible to infection. That is what most people would want. Me? I want a new microscopic transmitter that looks like Donald Trump and is directly injected into the pancreas. Its only function would be to tell the pancreas to do its job or it will be fired. That what I want!


  1. What a great post, Brian!!! I so want one of those transmitters for my slacker pancreas!!! Outstanding idea. Very creative. Thanks for writing this one! (OK, me and my exclamation point happy self are going away now...)

  2. Great list!
    Thanks for the giggles...

  3. could it please have better hair!

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