Monday, May 14, 2012

What can you do in your sleep?

What can you do in your sleep? You are always hearing the random case of sleep walking in your sleep. There are always the crazy stories about someone doing something ridiculous and blaming it on sleep walking. Then there are the people that talk in their sleep. That is just asking for trouble. I have had conversations with my wife while she was sleeping. Full blown conversations that she doesn't remember in the morning. (I promise that she told me she wanted me to skip work and play golf that day :) Anyway, these are all intriguing talents, but there is one that is more impressive. The act of eating in your sleep. 
Now, let me qualify this with the fact that I am a speech pathologist who works with patients with swallowing issues. It is generally frowned upon to try and feed a patient that is sleeping. However, when my three year old pops a 65 at 3:00 am, it is a scary thing. The insane part is that he really will eat in his sleep. If we put a banana in his hand, muscle memory takes over and he eats it. His eyes stay shut, and he is snoozing again as soon as he is done. I know that this will probably not continue, but for now, it is nice. Not just for us, but for him. Anyone who has had to wake a child up in the middle of the night knows that the next day is usually miserable. We want to avoid that if we can. He has never choked, so it seems to be ok. Banana is a safe consistency. I would be more worried if it was a liquid, or something hard to chew. For now we will let him  continue to sleep-eat. Now if there was just a safe way to sleep-feed him.

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