Friday, May 18, 2012

D-blog day 5 - What they should know!

What do I want people to know about diabetes. There are so many things that I wish people understood about type 1 diabetes. There is one that stands out. There is a quote that spells it out. "There are only two things people with type 1 can't eat. Poison, and cookies.....that have been made with poison." We can put anything into our mouths that we want to. We cover it with insulin. My 3 year old can eat anything that's your 3 year old can. In fact, he needs those carbs to grow. He can have cupcakes if he wants. Apple juice did not cause his diabetes. I can eat ice cream when I feel like it. No, I shouldn't eat it all the time, but neither should you! So, mind your business and don't tell me about nutrition. Otherwise, I will spend 30 minutes educating you about diabetes. I will use small words and speak slowly to make sure that you understand. You still won't get it, but I will have tried.

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  1. Love this, Brian. Especially the "will use small words and speak slowly" part... classic! Some people need that. Great post, and thanks so much for writing this.